Business Owner Visa Tips and Tricks

Business Owner Visas are a convenient way for people who want to establish a business or already have an existing business to secure entry into Australia and the progression to permanent residence. In order to apply for a business owner visa, the correct form to submit is the 47BU and 1217 accompanied by a first installment fee of $1145 to the Australian Government and then a second instalment of $2860 which is to be paid if the applicant cannot demonstrate functional English. In order to obtain the business owner visa, you need to already have a provisional business skills visa. However, it is also possible for people on temporary refugee or protection visas to obtain this type of visa on certain conditions. The first step is to make a valid application at one of the departmental business centres in Australia but not in immigration clearance. The secondary applicants do not need to be in Australia.

There are a number of criteria which need to be met in order for the application to be successful. At the time of the application, the applicant must have or have had an ownership interest in one or more actively operating main businesses in Australia for at least two years before making the application. At the time of application, an ABN must have been obtained from the ATO and all relevant BAS documents must have been submitted to the ATO. The assets held by the applicant in the business need to be valued at at least AUD$100,000 and the annual turnover of the business must be at least AUD $300,000. The applicant must also show that the business employed at least the equivalent of two full time employees who are Australian citizens or permanent residents. Also, the net value of personal and business assets held in Australia must be at least $250,000. Neither the applicant nor spouse can have a history of involvement in business or investment activities that are not acceptable in Australia.

After the application has been made, when the decision is made the applicant has to continue to satisfy these criteria and also pass the other normal personal health and character requirements. If the applicant is outside Australia when the visa is granted and they satisfy the secondary criteria, first entry must be made by the date specified by the decision maker. Condition 8515 may also be imposed for this visa which prevents the applicant from getting married before entry into Australia.

Top Business Plan Writers Can Help Develop Winning Business Plans

Business plans were traditionally considered an exercise to communicate the future prospects and planning with the staff and others associated with a business. Today, it is the core tool for obtaining finance, charting the future course of your business, forming alliances and even for recruiting senior professionals for important and responsible positions in an organization. Companies and entrepreneurs prefer using the services of business plan writers because of the expertise they bring to the planning process.

Your business document is no longer a confidential file to be read only by insiders and traditional lenders who want to know how their money is being spent. Today plans are used to attract funding for your venture amidst stiff competition and to attract the best talent for key employment positions. Business writers can do the writing part with a great degree of professionalism. Writing a business proposal is a specialized task which is precisely why company executives fall short in the effort. The plans they prepare does not articulate their company’s achievements and vision in an impactful manner to attract investors’ attention.

Customized Plan or Canned Software Products? The Choice is Yours

There are of course, a wide range of software products available, that provide interactive and menu-driven options to complete a plan. Many executives are tempted to use these highly simplified processes but they usually do not find favor with funding sources. Business proposals created by a well trained and skilled business consultant can make a huge difference to the quality of your plan. They are not the drivers of your plan but they try to get in your shoes to understand your business specifics and industry better before starting to write a plan that meets the demands of your business.

Writing a business plan calls for meticulous preparation and intense discipline. The process involves identifying potential customers, gathering accurate and relevant information and carefully compiling and outlining the plan before putting them down on paper. A proficient business plan consultant will know how to present your business idea to your potential alliance partners or financiers to help you achieve the desired results.

A Good Plan Identifies Opportunities and Problems As Well

A successful business planning document conveys the high value of your business idea to your prospective clients and investors in a simple, concise format. It aims to sell your business idea to potential financers to cover specific areas of development of your business or for funding the entire proposal. Business plan writers with knowledge of the working of your industry will be able to place emphasis on your strengths and provide ways of tacking potential roadblocks you may encounter during the development phase of your venture. They will include the company’s goals for the near term and long term future in the plan.

Investors will be looking closely at the various solutions offered in your business plan that shows how these goals can be achieved. Experienced business strategy writers will be practical in their approach and avoid making tall claims that cannot be supported by facts and figures. Choosing writers with a proven track record of creating successful plans within realistic deadlines can help you get the best plan document for your business idea.

The Importance of Choosing a Competent Business Plan Writer for Your Business Proposal

Does writing a business plan for your new venture seem like a daunting task? It is time to call in the experts. They know how to write a winning business document from an audience’s perspective. An experienced business plan writer will ask you several questions and make a comprehensive analysis of your business before settling down to create a plan.

The starting point of any business proposal is to know the objective of the plan. Is it to help you in steering your business through the potential obstacles towards assured success or is it to secure funding from top financers? A plan could well be the tool to communicate the objectives of your organization to your employees and others associated with your business.

Understanding the Competition and the Industry

Choosing a professional and skilled business plan writer can help you get the best business document that outlays your idea in great detail. Business planners attach a lot of importance to research and ensure that your market is explored thoroughly for making the right projections about market size, growth path and potential and where your enterprise will be, three to five years down the line.

Top business plan writers will go all out to understand the competition within the industry. It is imperative to understand the current business environment in your industry and how the other players, both new and seasoned are faring in terms of performance and growth. Is your business idea competent enough to take on the current players? Do you need to tweak your model to surge ahead of the competitors? A complete research of the competition will give your planners all the answers they are looking for.

Attention to Detail

Industry experts suggest that the plan must be concise and follow the standard norms prevailing in your business sector. However, attention to detail is a must if your plan has to pass the intense scrutiny of financiers and banks. While it is alright to be optimistic, the projections of business plan writers must be based on realistic assumptions and credible projections that are backed by hard facts and figures. The format must be clutter-free and make it easy for readers to find what they are looking for quickly and conveniently.

Your business plan writer must focus on the objective. For instance, if you are seeking investment for your venture, the plan must describe clearly and in detail why your business idea is the best place for investors to put in their money. Your unique selling proposition must emerge out very clearly from the content of your plan. The benefits that will accrue to your investors during various phases of growth of your company must be very evident in your plan.

A well-experienced business plan writer will be able to ensure that all key points of your idea are covered in the plan. The numbers must all add up because investors will subject them to in-depth scrutiny. The executive summary must sum up all the areas of your plan efficiently.